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EZY Torque Precision Cathead and  spare parts from Texas  International Oilfield Tools LTD

EZY Torque Precision Cathead

Texas International Oilfield Tools offers the EZ Torque which operates manual tongs remotely and it is capable of providing a very high force pull. The hydraulic power unit runs the cylinder. The cylinder operates in conjunction with the cathead.

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TI Mfg. Wireline - Retriever/Surveyor

Wireline - Retriever/Surveyor

In the oil and gas industry, the term wireline usually refers to a cabling technology used by operators of oil and gas wells to lower equipment or measurement devices into the well for the purposes of well intervention, reservoir evaluation, and pipe recovery.

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Weldless Elevator Bails and Drilling Equipment from TexasInternational.com

Weldless Elevator Bails

TI Mfg. Weldless links are forged from a single piece of high-grade alloy steel to provide maximum tensile strength. More weight in critical areas make these links extra strong. Big eye design means better balance and easier elevator handling, while

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Becket & Tool Pushing Links

Tool Pushing Links (Perfection Links) are designed for light loads mostly used for work over. They are made from forgings, bent, heat treated, manuafluxed and load tested. Our size ranges from: 36" to 48".

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TI Mfg. Drill Pipe Elevators MGG, GG, RG and more

Drill Pipe Elevator

Drill Pipe Elevator G Series (also named type DDZ) are center latch elevator with 18 degree taper shoulder, applied in handling the drilling pipe and drilling tools, etc. The load ranges

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Drill Bowls - #1, #2, #3 from TI OIlfield Manufacturing

Drill Bowls - #1, #2, #3

The TI Mfg. Drill Bowls #1, #2, and #3 are designed to fit inside the MPCH and MSPC Master Bushings.

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Master Bushings - Drilling Equipment from TexasInternational.com

Pneumatic Tubing Spider

The Pneumatic Tubing Spider is used for oil well drilling and workover servicing operations. The spider allows the cable pass through during operation. Conforms to API standard. Includes: Type C, CHD, E, and F.

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our Types of Safety Clamps: MP, Type T, Type C and Air over hydraulic

Safety Clamps

All Models available as Air Over Hydraulic:

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Kelly Drive Bushings HDP, HDS manufacturedTexas International Oilfield Tools LTD.

Kelly Drive Bushings HDP, HDS

The Kelly Drive Bushing acts as an adapter that serves to connect the rotary table to the Kelly. The Kelly bushing has an inside diameter profile that matches that of the Kelly, usually square or hexagonal. It is connected to the rotary table by four large steel pins

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