McCoy KT20000 Hydraulic Power Tong

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Part No:

Size Range:
7" to 20"

3,40 lb. (1045 Kg)


None at this time

20" • 50K Casing Power Tong

The KT20000 casing tong can handle tubulars as small as 7" and as large as 20" in diameter. Tong can be mounted on either a CLINCHER® or a FARR® hydraulic backup. Available with McCoy's patented WinCatt® data acquisition and torque control system for the make-up of tubular connections.

Texas International Oilfield Tools, LTD. the world's largest stocking distributor of McCoy products.


Description Specifications
Size range 7" to 20"
Hydraulic power supply 3,000 psi and 60 gpm
Maximum low gear torque and speed 50,000 ft.-lb. and 7 rpm
Maximum high gear torque and speed 7,700 ft.-lb. and 49 rpm
Torque handle length 52" (132 cm)
Overall length (Doors Closed) 81" (205.7 cm)
Overall width 50-1/2" (128.3 cm)
Overall height 28" (71.1 cm)
Overall weight 3,400 lb. (1,545 Kg)


Optional Backups:

  • FARR Frame Mounted Wedge 20000
  • LOCKJAW™ 21000

Jaws and Dies:
Wraparound or Dovetail jaws
Fine Tooth Steel or GRITFACE® dies

Optional Accessories:

  • Lift cylinder or spring hanger
  • Load cell/Torque gauge
  • Rigid bail or chain bail

CE Marked and Registered for International Use.

McCoy Global Farr KT20000 Casing Power Tong 50K